✧ Terms of Service ✧

✦ Payment Policy ✦

  • Payment Policy: Payment is due in full after thumbnail sketch is chosen.

  • Paypal invoices preferred. EUR only.

  • Refunds depending on how far along the process. No refunds post completion.

  • Full Refunds are based on the amount received after paypal transaction costs.

✦ Usage ✦

  • Personal Use (eg banners, avatars, social media) as long as credit given.

  • May post on Toyhouse as long as credit is given/my toyhouse account is linked as the artist.

  • Commercial use only with prior discussion and agreement.

  • May not be used in the selling or advertising of NFTs.

  • Unless charged as a private commission, I retain the right to post a watermarked version on social media platforms.

✧ Process ✧

  • First – I’ll send over ~3 thumbnail sketches. These are quick 5 minute sketches with a variety of poses/angles aimed to give you a general idea of the overall energy. I’d ask you to pick which thumbnail sketch you like the most, and I’ll start developing that sketch! I do ask for payment after the thumbnail is chosen.

  • Second – Once I’ve finished the initial sketch, I’ll send it back over to you for approval. This is the best time any edits/corrections to be made. Once we’re happy with the sketch and all the character’s appearance, I’ll start finishing it off!

  • Third – When the drawing is finished, I’ll send you the full high resolution version of the drawing. I can still do minor edits at this time, but will charge extra for major edits at this stage.

✦ Sketch ✦

Done with a rough brush, may not be fully cleaned up. Details and markings may be simplified.

TypeNo ColourColour
Headshot15 EUR18 EUR
Half Body20 EUR25 EUR
Full Body25 EUR30 EUR

✦ Line Art ✦

Details have been cleaned up and lined. Clothes folds may or may not be included, depending on the material.

TypeNo ColourColour (Flats)
Headshot20 EUR23 EUR
Half Body30 EUR35 EUR
Full Body40 EUR45 EUR

✦ Fully Rendered ✦

An individual character fully rendered. Everything is shaded corresponding to the scene. Any special effects have been added,A simple, single-colour background may be added on for free. Otherwise, backgrounds come at extra charge.

Type(Starting) Price
Headshot25 EUR
Half Body40 EUR
Full Body50 EUR

✦ Character Pages ✦

A whole page populated with just your character! No backgrounds, can add speech bubbles. Thumbnail sketches are not included for character pages.Pack A: 3 Half-Bodies
Pack B: 1 Full Body + 2 Half-Bodies
Pack C: 2 Full Bodies + 2 Half Bodies
Custom Pack Pricing is done on demand

Pack A45 EUR70 EUR95 EUR
Pack B50 EUR80 EUR105 EUR
Pack C70 EUR110 EUR145 EUR

✦ Other ✦

General other options that could not easily fit in above!

TypeRate + Info
Chibi30 EUR – fully rendered only.
Multiple CharactersValued at 75%
Character Design15% Add-on to full cost
Commercial Use30% Add-on to full cost
PainterlyHeadshots only. Starting at 50 EUR.
BackgroundsOn demands – depends on complexity of scene
GIFsDepends on complexity of scene, is charged by frame
Private Commission+5 EUR – If you don't want me to publish the commission in social media/portfolio/etc.